Helios 25, semi-rigid
Proof of Pro Marine’s elegance and performance

This new, elegant semi-rigid echoes the lines of the Manta; its powerful silhouette and ascending line of the tube give it a reassuring offshore character. The deck surface area gives it a great liveability.
  • A semi-rigid below the critical threshold of 7.00 metres, exonerating it of all taxes
  • A large cockpit volume
  • Large sundecks fore and aft
  • Top-of-the range comfort and finish
  • Lots of storage
  • Kitchen equipped with sink, hob and fridge
  • Freshwater shower
  • WC in the console
  • Hull length6.99 m
  • Hull width3.00 m
  • Weight (without engine)from 1280 kg
  • Draught0.40 m
  • Fuel tank200 L
  • Recommended engine power200 to 250 hp XL
  • Number of people12 in C and 6 in B
  • CategoryC and B